if you're looking for quality legal advice  for a workplace dispute you belong here.

What do we do?

Worker's Rights Legal  Service helps workers win faster, win fairer, and win easier. Simply by identifying and removing all the uncertainty from every step of the claims process. 

Who are we?

We are a collection of  dedicated advocates and lawyers  who  have experienced  workplace employment claims first-hand. We want to stop happening to you what happens to most other claimants. We specialise in protecting the rights of Queensland workers, by helping them  successfully challenge the  employer's unfair treatment of them.

We dipped our toes in the water and produced a guide on worker’s rights in February 2020 with the help of a business called Global Digital Publishing Services Pte Ltd in Singapore.

 We wanted to see if our step-by-step approach resonated with the workers of Queensland. 

The guide was downloaded


times in 6 months.

Why did we start worker's rights legal service?

We  have been involved in helping workers for the last 15 years.

But we wanted to start a firm that only dealt with workers employment issues so we could focus our efforts on unlocking claims for workers.

We knew what workers wanted. A “join the dots” or “paint by numbers” approach to maximizing their deserved entitlements.

Who is in Charge?

Where are we?

Worker's Rights Legal Service is based in Newstead in Brisbane. It’s far enough away from both the “inner-city chatter” and the “small town talk” that can make claimants nervous about pursuing their entitlements. It assists in confidentiality, but there’s a better reason. A second-story office in the suburbs of Brisbane allows us to go “unnoticed, unknown, and under the radar.” And that often means we are “underestimated” by the people we are fighting on your behalf….

What do Our Clients Say?

I’m glad I reached out to you, you’re an excellent team of advisors - you made this challenging experience easier for me and my family. I would definitely recommend you and your team to anyone who will be needing your services.


I had just had my claim accepted when I began to notice that I didn't really have a lot of say in my treatment.  My personal physio recommended one thing but the Workcover doctors said "no".  That's when I needed help - and I am so relieved I rang you guys.


Everything was going well at the beginning of my claim - my case manager seemed wonderful - even bought me a coffee!  But after a few months, it seemed that they were all just trying to get me back to work as fast as they could - despite my own doctor saying not to.  Once I spoke with your advisor Lester, I completely turned my claim around.


What do we believe in?

  • We believe that  legal loopholes  are present in every single claim, and it's our job to find them and exploit them to our client's advantage
  • We believe that every worker is entitled to get every single cent that the system has available to help their recovery from unfair treatement at work.  And not a penny less.
  • We believe that  every claimant needs a "guardian angel" looking over their shoulder through every single step of their workplace claim, to make sure the worker does not do anything against their interests.
  • We believe that the "squeaking wheel gets the grease", and we are relentless with phone calls, emails, text messages, letters and court documents. We don't stop until we get the answers we want.

Why do we get excellent results?

Because we flowchart everything.  Our What's Next Flowchart system is possibly the most valuable resource available for anyone wanting to win  their worker's employment claim.  Here's how it works...

What does it take to be an advisor here?

Our advisors must be part legal expert, part map-maker, part servant and part spy…

A person who conveys the trades secrets of one company to another.  We know exactly how employers defend these claims. Because we hire people that have worked defending these claims.

A person who advises others on their legal rights and stops  their clients from doing anything against their future interests.

A person who is a devoted and helpful supporter.  Our job is to help clients, not confuse them.  And you help people by  making "their" problems, "your" problems, and dealing with them.

A person who draws or produces maps.  People absorb  over 70% of information visually.  So we take 20 pages of legal advice and turn it into a one-page flowchart.

This is what you will hear from our advisors: 

"This is how we will use the law, and the facts of your claim, to create and drive home an advantage.

This is what you won’t hear from our advisors:

“It depends.”

How do you know if we are any good?

We help you with just one little thing - like an email back to your boss. If it works, you know we are good - and you reach out to us for the next step.  All for free. Call now and let us help you. If you like what you see, maybe you will decide to engage us to fight your battles.