this information is not for time-wasters, free-loaders, tyre-kickers or bludgers.

You have told us that you are seeking information about your WorkCover claim via the Facebook Lead form you submitted.

If you do not have a WorkCover claim, you will not be sent any information, as stated quite explicitly on the Facebook advertisement.

This is NOT a scam. We are a legitimate law firm with more five star Google reviews than any other firm in Queensland (for worker's compensation matters).  And that's the reason we screen every enquiry so that WE  do not get scammed. 

We do not want to be scammed by freeloaders, bludgers, time-wasters and tyre-kickers just wanting something for free off the internet.  Something that we have invested thousands of hours into, and is worth hundreds of thousand of dollars to a genuine WorkCover claimant.

Some tyre-kickers say they clicked on the Ad "by mistake", which means they had to tick five boxes by "mistake"! Clearly, we don't want these people getting our information as they are simply dishonest.

Another response we get is that people say they "misread"  the Facebook Ad.  We don't want these people either - our information is to be consumed by being read. It contains vital, unpublished tactics, to win WorkCover claims. If you can't read a simple Facebook Ad, you will not be able to read this tactical information and it  will be of no use to you.

But the worst and most cringeworthy response we get is "I already have lawyers".  This is humiliating and  embarrassing for our competitors, to think that their clients are trawling around the internet looking for information on how WorkCover works.  Shame on these incompetent firms for allowing you to still be curious about the process.   Unfortunately, you will now be stuck with them, and their lack of knowledge of the system, as we don't help people who have already engaged lawyers.  

Having said all that a link to the guide will be emailed to you to authenticate your contact details.  To prove that you are not scamming us. It will arrive in 5-10 minutes.  If the email address provided does not work, then you will not receive anything from us.

Once  your email is verified  you will be called by Kate to  further confirm details about your current WorkCover claim.  She will then send you the appropriate information for you situation.  And it will change your life.

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