At Workers' Rights Legal Service, we want to give you the best service possible and maximize every cent of your entitlements. 

To do thiswe need your help.  

There are some things you need to do for us so that we can help you.  

This blog post will explain what these things are and why they are important. 


The client agreement is a list of what we both must do to make our agreement work.

Your part may include giving us information

  1. About something that happened in relation to your injuries (treatment or onset of new symptons) 
  2. About the accident itself that you have recently become aware of (and we don’t know) or 
  3. Updating us if your contact information changes.

For example, it is important that we have all the information necessary to assess your particular situation and provide adequate legal advice.

This could include:

  • Medical records,
  • Witness statements,
  • Proof of employment, among other documents.
  • Without this information, it may be difficult for us to accurately assess your case and provide the best possible service.  

    If you don't provide us with that information in a reasonable time frame (generally within 10 working days) , our agreement could end and you may have to pay WRLS for any extra costs we had because of the contract terms being broken. 

    It is also critically important that you tell us if your telephone number or email address changes.  

    That way we can always reach you.  

    If we can't reach you, it might cause problems with our agreement.  

     Once again, we will make 6 attempts to call you by phone, followed up by six SMS text messages and three emails.  If we do not hear from you after that it is highly likely you will have broken our agreement. 

    However, these issues are not always not deal breakers and can usually be fixed, if you give us a reasonable explanation. 

    But there is one thing that cannot be fixed. 

    And that is when you give us misleading or deceptive information about the accident, your employment or the injury. 

    If the information is proven to be fraudulent, and you have no evidence to suggest otherwise, the agreement will be terminated immediately, and you will be asked to pay our outstanding fees out of your own pocket. 


    As dramatic as this sounds, it never really happens as most people are brutally honest. 

    So in summaryyour main obligation to us is to simply tell the truth at all times.  

    Your secondary obligations are to: 

    1. Give us the information we need within 10 days of us asking for it – or an update as to when it will be available, and  

    1. Don’t go missing in action and become uncontactable. 


    People who use Workers’ Rights Legal Service will get excellent help.  

    But there are some things that people using the service must do.  

    If people follow these rulesthen they will know that their rights will be protected 

    If there are ever any questions about what is written in our client agreement, please reach out!  

    We would be happy to help!