It will be emailed to you. Please wait 5-10 minutes.  If your email does not work we will text and call you. In the meantime, keep reading below to see how the guide will protect your future interests, and maximise your entitlements, all for free.


WorkCover have a supplier portal that only registered personal injury law firms can access and get these reports.  Without this report, it is very hard to use the guide, or progress your claim to your advantage.   We will get you the report for free so that you can use it with the guide.

Here is How!

Meet VyVy Hoang from  Worker's Rights Legal Service. She is the person who has written your guide.  The first thing she will tell you to do is get a copy of your file from WorkCover.  We request hundreds of these a month.  We can electronically view the contents of your file to find out what is really going on.   Based on the contents of that file,  VyVy will then create a personalised guide on how to get an excellent outcome for your claim.

Here are the next steps


Fill in this form.


VyVy will phone you to get some particulars of your claim.


She will send you a one page authority to sign (to release your file ).

 She will post the release in the WorkCover portal especially set up for legal firms.


She will get your file and analyse the contents of it.


She will give you a personalised guide so that you receive the best outcome possible for your claim.

here are 3 reasons why it's critical to get your workcover file


You may have allegations made against you in your file. These may include allegations of pre-existing injuries, degenerative disease or that your injuries are only very minor.  There may be allegations that the accident was totally your own fault. Whatever these allegations may be, you need to know exactly what they are, so you can defend and overturn them.

2. to protect yourself 

Analysing your file will protect you from doing anything against your interests.  You might be doing something that will hurt your claim prospects.  Like going back to work too early.   Telling co-workers that you  feel fine when you don't.  Telling your case Manager that you are happy with your treatment plan when you are not.

3. to reduce financial risk 

Not having access to your whole file might mean you make a financial decision to accept their offer with only a fraction of the information.  This will mean you run the risk of missing out on your deserved entitlement.

Here's what others have been saying about the importance of getting their file.

Tatum Borg

After about 4 months on light duties for my WorkCover claim I started getting sent to heaps of doctors who told me my injuries were all from when I hurt my back in a car accident 19 years ago!!!. Kate and Vyvy from Worker's Rights Legal Service got my WorkCover file and started to go through my records. What they uncovered was next level and it certainly changed the direction of my claim. Me and my family are forever indebted to these two wonderful human beings who never lost faith in me.

Jake Lawler

As a truckie we are used to being pushed to the limits. But when I hurt my back unloading for 7 hours straight because we were short-staffed, I put in a WorkCover claim and then realized what being pushed to the limit meant. I got nowhere – they said it was my fault! I found Worker's Rights Legal Service on a Facebook ad and VyVy and Tran came to my rescue! They got my WorkCover file immediately and then told me exactly what I need to do to sort things out. And sort it out we did! My family is forever indebted to these two brilliant, caring women.

Prasanna G

I had a WorkCover claim with another law firm and it was being handled OK but somewhere in the back of my mind I had a hunch that they were missing something – otherwise I would not have tried to download the workers’ rights guide off Facebook. I am so glad I did. As soon as I got a copy of my WorkCover communication report after following the instructions in the guide, and with Vyvy’s tireless support, I knew what was going on. I changed my lawyers over to Workers Rights Legal Service the next day. Don’t settle for anyone else!

Anthony Laba Sarkis

If you have a WorkCover claim in Queensland then you need Vyvy Hoang and Tran Truong on your side. They got my file from WorkCover and went through it and told me exactly what needed to be done to get things moving. They are simply the best! Get them involved early!

Jazmin Romero

If you have a WorkCover claim, no matter how good you think it is going, get the guys at Worker's Rights Legal Service (Vyvy, Tran, Kate, Ayla) to get a copy of your file for you. Let them analyse the emails between your boss and WorkCover. It’s a game-changer. It’s all in black and white. It’s the simplest easiest thing anyone could, and should, do. VyVy Hoang is an absolute legend! I have referred a number of my colleagues to her and all of them have thanked me.

Thein Nu

I had reached out to Tran to help me with a WorkCover claim,. she asked if I had a copy of my file and I sent her what WorkCover had given me. It turns out it was missing the crucial communications report which Tran got for me through her portal. Total game changer. get advice or pay the price. even if you think everyone is on your side. Thanks, Workers Rights Legal Service

Hung Anh Nguyen

Having a WorkCover claim was a lot more stressful than I thought it would be. So many unknowns. So many rules. But once Tran Truong got my file retrieved from WorkCover she worked out a step-by-step plan for me that cleared the way forward. And quickly. Thank you, Tran, and Worker's rights Legal Service, you are a shining light in the worker's compensation darkness!

Julieta Rodriguez

When you have a work accident and you cant work no one tells you about how useless you feel. So when you put in a WorkCover claim and get told that the accident was all your fault, it can fire you up or you can roll over. Thankfully I got fired up and my Union put me in touch with Tran Truong from Worker's Rights Legal Service who immediately retrieved my WorkCover file. Tran got things back on track in no time and for the first time in a long time, I felt validated that I was right in the first place. I have recommended her to all my family and friends at every opportunity.

Louise Muir

I love my Union! When I had a WorkCover claim, they sent me straight to Workers Rights Legal Service. Who instantly retrieved my file from WorkCover, worked out a game plan, and went to work! VyVyv and Tran are simply the best at what they do. I would never have got through the mountains of paperwork without them. Thanks guys.

I looked everywhere and spoke to about a dozen law firms about a potential WorkCover claim before I found this "breath of fresh air". They didn't charge me a cent to get my file, look at it, make a huge list of written recommendations and then let me decide what I need to do - without an ounce of pressure - but with a tonne of compassion. Vyvy and Tran are like nothing else in the world when it comes to WorkCover claims

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