If you have a current Workcover claim then lock down your social media accounts Now!

If you have suffered a work accident, and have made a WorkCover claim you will be  alleging some form of physical injury, emotional disability, inability to perform your intended job, loss of daily living capabilities, and a host of other types of losses that affects your ability to live your life, as you had  prior to the accident at hand.

However your claim can be harmed or easily dismissed based upon evidence that your injury  is not truly causing the claimed disability or loss of functioning.

Such evidence can be gathered by WorkCover and their panel of lawyers by scouring social media pages, twitter accounts and Instagram postings.

If you have a pending personal injury claim, it is imperative that you do not post any of the following on social media.

  • Any participation in an activity that directly disputes your claimed level of physical loss
  • An activity that would clearly dispute your level of perceived pain
  • Pictures or statements pertaining to your activities of daily living that directly dispute your claim
  • References to the locations you will be frequenting
  • Admitting liability to anyone, even on social media pages that you believe can only be accessed by family and friends
  • Videos of you participating in sporting events or other strenuous activities
  • Sharing any information regarding your attorney’s advice, strategies or legal positions

Whenever evidence such as this is distributed via social media, the information is easily gathered by WorkCover's lawyers to defend against your claim or dispute your injuries.

Any form of pictures or video showing a lesser degree of injury, is almost impossible to refute.

In addition, be cautious of posting such activities with the intent to take it down after a short period of time. In this age of advanced technology, no posted media is ever truly gone.

With regard to posting your current or intended locations, again, we advise against disseminating such information.

This type of information makes it easy for a private investigator to follow you, or wait for you, at a particular location.  And WorkCover will employ a private investigator in many claims, possibly even yours.