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Fast Track Secret Revealed

get a copy of your communication file from workcover.

It's the first thing lawyers do for their clients.  It fast-tracks your claim without rocking the boat.  It has more impact on the success of a claim than every other single action combined.  Here's why you need to do it.


You may have allegations made against you in your file. These may include allegations of pre-existing injuries, degenerative disease or that your injuries are only very minor.  There may be allegations that the accident was totally your own fault. Whatever these allegations may be, you need to know exactly what they are, so you can defend and overturn them.

to protect yourself 

Analysing your file will protect you from doing anything against your interests.  You might be doing something that will hurt your claim prospects.  Like going back to work too early.   Telling co-workers that you  feel fine when you don't.  Telling your Case Manager that you are happy with your treatment plan when you are not.

to reduce financial risk 

Not having access to your whole file might mean you make a financial decision to accept their offer with only a fraction of the information.  This will mean you run the risk of missing out on your deserved entitlement.

We are a registered law firm that can get access to workcover files with your permission - for free.

Meet VyVy Hoang from  Worker's Rights Legal Service. She is the person who will help you get your file.  Based on the contents of that file, she will create a personalised guide  on how to get an excellent outcome for your claim.

Here are the steps


Fill in this form.


VyVy will phone you to get some particulars of your claim.


She will send you a one page authority to sign (to release your file ).

 She will post the release in the WorkCover portal especially set up for legal firms.


She will get your file and analyse the contents of it.


She will give you a personalised guide so that you receive the best outcome possible for your claim, for free.

Here's what others have been saying about this free service...

Michelle Gillespie

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Workers Rights Legal Service! Tran, Kate and Vyvy are a well-drilled WorkCover claim machine! They simply isolated all the issues and dealt with them one by one. What a relief and what a team. If you have a WorkCover claim, get them, no matter how well you think your claim is going!

Jazmin Romero

If you have a WorkCover claim, no matter how good you think it is going, get the guys at Worker's Rights Legal Service (Vyvy, Tran, Kate, Ayla) to get a copy of your file for you. Let them analyse the emails between your boss and WorkCover. It’s a game-changer. It’s all in black and white. It’s the simplest easiest thing anyone could, and should, do. VyVy Hoang is an absolute legend! I have referred a number of my colleagues to her and all of them have thanked me.

Lisa M. Regan

VyVy Hoang has been very helpful and professional in trying to help me get through the right royal runaround I was getting off WorkCover. Highly Recommend

Tamara Darling

VyVy took care of everything for me and patiently walked me through the whole Workcover claim process. I’m very happy with the service I received and will gladly recommend family and friends to Worker's Rights Legal Service.

Meleane misa

Thank you, Ayla, and VyVy for all your hard work in achieving the best outcome for me with my WorkCover claim, it was an absolute pleasure dealing with you and I am extremely pleased with the result you got for me. Kindest regards

Zac Robert Page

I ruptured my Achilles tendon whilst driving a tractor out at a farm. After speaking to several law firms which all told me I was at fault, I finally was fortunate enough to run into Tran Truong at Worker's Rights after seeing a Facebook Ad. She asked me a few simple questions that other firms did not. Based on the information provided, she was able to establish that I was, in fact, not at fault since the tractor was not equipped with the right type of lights for the time of the evening it was being operated at. This of course did not meet the criteria of "safe work practices" or "safe working equipment". I am very thankful of the help received by Tran and Vyvy. Thank you once again for all the support and your undying trust in my story.

What these guys don't know about the worker's comp process in Queensland ain't worth knowing. Every trick, every trap, every tactic that exists in the system. Best of all I found out I was stuck in the middle of most of them. Tran Truong and her fantastic team "unstuck" my claim in a matter of hours! I cannot recommend them highly enough.

If you are getting the run-around form WorkCover you need these people. They are the most persist dogmatic crew I have ever seen. They do not stop phoning and texting until they get answers - no wonder they get action form Work Cover!!! Thanks, Ayla, for being my pit bull terrier! Worker's Rights really does stand up for the worker. They are also full of empathy & compassion. Professionalism & determination. Thanks Worker's Rights.... forever!

Sam Behrens

Very happy with the outcome on my WorkCover claim. From the moment they got my whole Workcover file off Workcover they remained completely dedicated to getting me everything I was entitled to. Greatly appreciated the dedication shown towards my case. Highly recommended!!


As a meatworker with over 20 years of experience in one place, I was nervous about bringing a WorkCover claim against my boss. I contacted Worker's Rights Legal Service through Facebook to get an idea of how the process would work and whether it would affect my job. The answers I got were honest, clear, and pretty blunt! But they gave me the confidence to stand up for myself. They helped me professionally explain to my boss my reasons for seeking compensation. I was surprised by their support as well. If it wasn’t for Vyvy and Tran I would not have bothered with the claims process – and would have suffered in silence – when there was simply no need. My advice to fellow meat-workers is to get advice!

Andrea Reynolds

We saw an advert on Facebook from Worker's Rights Legal Service that related to WorkCover claims. We never had thought about it as things appeared to be going well. Anyway, we reached out to them via the ad. What a decision that was. Ayla and VyVy were superb. The service was great, they were responsive. We would never have got the same result if we did it ourselves. The result achieved by VyVy and Ayla has made a massive difference to our lives. Thank you so much. I have definitely recommended you to others.

Emma Giambalvo

The professionalism, dedication, kindness, and compassion with which our WorkCover claim was handled will never be forgotten. Truly grateful.

Clarina Dcosta

My first introduction to Worker's Rights Legal Service was through Ayla who talked to me over the phone after I answered a Facebook Ad about dealing with WorkCover. I wasn't expecting a call but was glad I did. She discussed the pros and cons of my claim in a very relaxed manner. Afterwards, through VyVy Hoang, I was kept up to date with all my issues. They simply spotted my problems, and sorted them out, even before I knew they were problems! Worker's Rights are simply excellent.

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